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Steppin' Out Ministries

Steppin' Out Ministries ( operates under the covering of Steppin' Out Trust

Steppin' Out Ministries is a multi faceted outreach organisation which has been involved over many years with developing bible schools, building choirs, teaching/preaching, leading worship, evangelism outreaches, etc.  We have developed and currently run bible school courses in several countries under the Christian Life College (CLC) arm - Jersey (1), Swaziland (5), Uganda (2).  


In addition we have written training manuals (keyboard, guitar and vocal) as well as working with various ministries at different levels from being a single voice in a large choir to setting up city crusades and organising outreaches into rural areas. 


If you feel we could be of assistance to your ministry or would like further information, please contact Jason or Brenda Rhensius on

Steppin' Out Ministries is registered under the umbrella of the International Federation of Christian Churches (IFCC) - and is currently listed in their South African, Western Cape section.  We adhere to the IFCC Statement of Faith.

CLC is providing material (free of charge) for the training and equipping of students in many parts of the world.  In addition, through Steppin' Out Ministries we are working alongside ethical leaders in many poor, underprivileged areas of Africa providing food, shelter, transport, etc. (see newsletters).

Your financial help therefore would be very much appreciated. 

Of course your prayers are treasured more than anything else.

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