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Key History


We have run several mission trips (UK, Swaziland, South Africa).  You can also get an idea what we are doing in Steppin’ Out Ministries from the website (in dire need of updating) which shows a little of what we have done so far (  You will probably enjoy two of the videos – Steppin’ Out Missions (2nd down on left) and Gcobonco Mission (1st on right). 

We also run concerts in Jersey.  Attached is a link to a 1 min. promo. of the latest Jersey concert held at the Radisson Hotel in November 2018.  The platform is populated by Christians from many different local churches and by working together, church unity is developed (and maintained).



While based in South Africa for a period, one of the Trustees, Brenda Rhensius, was able to get involved, on behalf of the Trust, with spearheading a project to raise money (and generally advise and support) and achieve non-profit organisation status for a lady who was looking after cerebral palsy (CP) children (12 when we were introduced to her) in a shipping container.  As well as CP, every child had additional complications (blindness, deafness, tuberculosis, AIDS, foetal alcohol syndrome, etc. etc.) and most of them were terminally ill.  She called this amazing ministry "Sibongile" (see video) after her child who died of cerebral palsy.

She had no water or electricity and these children (who were unable to sit up when we found them) were sleeping on the floor of the container on blankets or thin foam mattresses.

During the three years we worked with her, we were able to convince the Government to provide electricity and water to the shipping container (and acquired 3 more containers for physical therapy, proper cockroach-free food storage, office facilities, etc.). Eventually, once properly registered (with the relevant tax exempt status) we were able to approach corporations for funding and food. 

They now have a custom built house and a people carrier for regular hospital visits.  The number of CP children is currently in excess of 30.

Thankfully, they are now self-sufficient and no longer need our help.  We were able to hand them over to a wonderful South African charity who are doing a good job.


Ten years ago, we were introduced to an amazing gentleman living on the side of a mountain in Swaziland who was pastoring a church (mud hut), feeding the children and elderly and generally trying to provide some kind of schooling.  There is a massive AIDS situation in Swaziland which creates families where parents have died and children are left with grandparents who are unable to work so the children are trying to feed the family and are not in school.


We managed to help build a largish hall with a kitchen and modest toilet facilities (with water and electricity) which is doubling as community centre, bible college, church, feeding centre, etc.


We are currently trying to raise finances for a similar work at the bottom of the mountain.  In this case, in addition to his needs to provide shelter for the church and run a feeding programme and bible college, he wants to provide dormitories for boys and girls who he is managing to finance through secondary school.  These children are based at the top of the mountain but are schooled at the bottom.  They only go home at weekends and find shelter where ever they can during the week.  Sometimes they sleep in the streets (e.g. behind industrial dustbins).  Two largish rooms (with electricity and water) will temporarily cover the situation.




In 2003 we started a bible college – initially 10 people in the north of England.  This has grown considerably (hundreds of people have graduated and we are currently running 6 colleges with a total of 220 students).  We are in the process of constructing a website for the next stage – which will be an online (hopefully worldwide) training facility.  Please have a look at the site so far ( – bearing in mind that we are currently working on it.


CLC runs over one or two years; one night a week.  The students sit exams and if successful, receive a certificate (after 1 year) and a diploma (after 2 years).


Apart from the obvious focus on bible content, the student is engaged in team work, team leadership and healthy, social lifestyle practices.




We have successfully graduated 50 students and the college currently has 16 first year students.




We have successfully graduated +/- 100 students and the college currently runs 4 campuses throughout Swaziland.  The interesting thing about these students is that they take their certificates / diplomas to their bosses and are being granted promotions.  Also the documents have proved advantageous in finding work.  We have a large range of students – from government and police officials to pastors, farmers and labourers.  This diversity is providing extremely helpful bonding in the community.  Village chiefs and respected rural community leaders are in support of and actively encourage this work in their communities.                                                                                                      




Recently we have been working alongside Mission Africa, Jersey (registered with the Jersey Charities Commission) with this project and are currently training 270 young people (including orphans and vulnerable children) on one campus and 25 church leaders on another.  This is proving most effective and the plan is that these church leaders will be taking and using our material to plant further colleges throughout Uganda.

South Africa

We are in the process of guinea pigging online colleges and at present, we are only in the planning stages.

CLC is providing material (free of charge) for the training and equipping of students in many parts of the world.  In addition, through Steppin' Out Ministries we are working alongside ethical leaders in many poor, underprivileged areas of Africa providing food, shelter, transport, etc. (see newsletters).

Your financial help therefore would be very much appreciated. 

Of course your prayers are treasured more than anything else.

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