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October 2019




Things have been going well in Swaziland under the care of Pastor Enock.  He has launched three new CLC campuses throughout Swaziland and is busy training up leaders and lecturers in distant areas so that this important work may spread even further. 


Apart from the leaders attending CLC as students, all the people we are busy training in

Swaziland are either young adult orphans who are not in work, or are subsistence farmers

and extremely lowly paid individuals.  This work is very fruitful; not only in building strong

Christians but many of the ones who have graduated have been able to find work or

promotion by presenting their CLC certificates and diplomas. 


While they are doing well, needless to say, there is a financial need relating to Pastor  

Enock’s travelling costs, car repairs, printing of student notes, etc. etc. 

                                                                                                                                                                  CLC Graduation


                                                             On top of all his CLC work, Pastor Enock is ministering to and feeding a group of bright

                                                             children who are sleeping rough during the week and he is desperate to provide

                                                             shelter for them.  This group of children have to travel far from home for schooling and

                                                             can only get home (up the mountain) at weekends. 


                                                             He is continuing to feed the orphans and the elderly. 

Feeding the Children


In addition, his new church plant is having to meet outdoors - again for lack of shelter.

Although we have managed to secure a small piece of land for him on which he intends

to build a home, we would love to help him acquire a larger plot of land so that he can

construct a multi-purpose building which will provide shelter for the school children, his

new church and his CLC activities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Feeding the Homeless





                                                             This past month God has moved in a most extraordinary way in Uganda.  We have

                                                             been working closely with Terry Charlton (Mission Africa) and two weeks ago, CLC

                                                             was launched in Toggo International Children's Centre.  Of the 1,200 children being

                                                             educated, 152 of the older ones have started the CLC course.  Their immediate need is

                                                             funding for the student notes. 



CLC Toggo


We have calculated that to provide a year's notes for all 152 students (lever arch files

with dividers, ink and paper for the notes, travelling costs for lecturers, etc.), it will cost 

+/- £1,500. 


                                                                                                                                                           Toggo International Children’s Centre


                                                             In addition, we have received enquiries from two pastors (apostles really) - each of whom

                                                             run large crusades and have planted and/or oversee multiple churches (200 and 90

                                                             respectively) and want to utilise CLC material to train their leaders.  They too will be looking

                                                             for funding.



Recent outreach


Finally, Richard, one of Terry’s dear co-workers (who is the main lecturer at CLC Toggo) has

a wonderful prison ministry, through which he enjoys the privilege of seeing many hundreds

of prisoners (and wardens) come to Christ each year.  He too needs financial assistance.

                                                                                                                                                                Prison Ministry


There is great financial need and although I know a number of you support other ministries, if you feel able to help, you could send a payment to Steppin' Out Ministries, Barclays Bank, account number 90089648; sort code 20-45-05 reference CLC.  If you want to drop me an email ( and let me know how you want your donation utilised, that would be great.  Otherwise, we will prioritise on your behalf.


Alternatively, as there are clearly ongoing needs, maybe you would consider arranging a monthly standing order with your bank, as per the attached notification.


We don’t normally ask for financial help and if you feel that this is an imposition, please pray for us.   


HOWEVER, the biggest need is your prayers.  Please lift up these various ministries and together we will witness what God will do.


God bless


Brenda, Jason and Mavis

Trustees of Steppin’ Out Trust                                                                                                                                         October 2019



For more information contact Brenda Rhensius on or telephone 0044 (0)1534 866569 / Mobile: 0044 (0)7797 738697

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CLC is providing material (free of charge) for the training and equipping of students in many parts of the world.  In addition, through Steppin' Out Ministries we are working alongside ethical leaders in many poor, underprivileged areas of Africa providing food, shelter, transport, etc. (see newsletters).

Your financial help therefore would be very much appreciated. 

Of course your prayers are treasured more than anything else.

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